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Translation of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky's letter

Without a doubt our period is the period of the footsteps of Moshiach and this is a very difficult period. Like our sages said "it should come but I should not see it."

We have to do and strengthen ourselves to be saved from the sufferings of Moshiach's coming, from the difficult sufferings that are associated with Moshiach's arrival. And we don't have a better idea than the idea of Rabbi Eliezer who said that "what should a person do to be saved from the tribulations of Moshiach - learn Torah, be engaged in Torah studies and acts of lovingkindness."

The strengthening of being engaged in Torah is that everybody should have a certain established time like it says they are going to ask you did you establish time for learning Torah and in addition, all Torah study should have an additional five minutes of study of mussar in a certain sefer.

And how do you strengthen engaging in lovingkindness? The greatest lovingkindness is to daven for other people. The Chazon Ish said that tefillah is the best way for our exerting this effort. Everyone should strengthen themselves in this, that everybody should come to davening in the right time and not come late. "And every generation they tried to destroy us and Hashem saves us from their hand. "